• Andrea Proulx Buinicki

Stewardship Secrets #102: Stewardship or Fundraising?

This 10 minute vlog describes Stewardship, A Disciple's Response, a pastoral letter offered by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and describes a clear distinction between stewardship from a Catholic perspective and the professional practice of fundraising.

... People talk about “increasing stewardship” or doing a “stewardship campaign” when there is a physical or material need. But, in these situations of material need, the measure of success is money, and so, the tools that we use come from the professional practice of fundraising.

If you are seeking a financial solution to a current or future material need, you are looking for fundraising help. And that, my friends, is OK to do.

But what if your desired outcome is bigger than finding financial solutions to a material need? What if your desired outcome is to lead people to Christ? What if your desired outcome is to create a community where people love one another—a community like the ones we hear about in the Acts of the Apostles—one that grows larger and larger because people share everything they’ve received from God, their gifts and strengths, charisms and vocations, and everything they’ve earned and developed by the grace of God.

If your desired outcome has the word disciple in it, then you are looking for a stewardship solution. Then the end game isn’t really about what’s in someone’s wallet. It’s about their soul...

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